Lamb Rump With Saltbush Dukkah Crust

Outback Australia meets the Middle East – also delicious sliced cold and placed over crisp, fresh salad

Lamb Rub

  • 1 lamb rump per person
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Butter
  • Sea salt flakes
  • 1 tsp ground pepperleaf


Trim the rump of excess fat. Season and sear in olive oil/butter to caramelize.


Vacuum and cook sous vide for 6 hours at 63°C. Chill.


Brush rumps lightly with Dijon mustard. Warm at 80°C for 20 mins. Place a sheet of the crust over each rump. Blast at 220°C for a minute to collapse crust, serve immediately.

Saltbush Dukkah Crust

  • 100g maltose
  • 100g isomalt
  • 100g saltbush dukkah


Cook maltose and isomalt to 140°C, pour immediately onto silicone paper to cool.


Crush to a fine powder in a Thermomix blender.


Blend powder and dukkah, sieve over a 90 x 90 mm square template onto silicon paper, bake at 200°C to set into sheets. Cool.

About The Chef - Andrew Fielke

Andrew Fielke is a talented, award winning, Adelaide-based chef, with 37 years of experience in top international destinations such as Switzerland, Austria and London’s Savoy Hotel.

Since 1985 Andrew has worked tirelessly to promote Australia’s native food resources that are often overlooked in cooking. He has used this passion to develop his own ‘Creative Native Australian Cuisine’ style that combines contemporary flavours with the 40,000 year old ingredients to result in truly unique dishes.

In the 90’s Andrew founded the hugely successful and internationally renowned Red Ochre restaurants, but now works as a guest/consulting chef - regularly travelling the country to conduct native cuisine master classes or to host special corporate events. He also operates a Food Service business in Adelaide, with innovative products and native ingredients being sold extensively to hotels, restaurants and The Ghan/Indian Pacific trains.

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